Date Day with my Love

Today was a rare day. Lovie was off of school, and I was off of work. Understand, that rarely happens on a weekday! Since the day was open, we planned a date day; a day for just the two of us – much needed!

It started off with a 3 mile walk around a nearby lake with our sister-in-law. It was a brisk 45 degrees with sun, a few clouds and a light breeze. But the company and the fall colors made up for it! We tried getting to a lake to walk at least once a week this summer, but it has since slowed down now that Lovie and the kids are in school. It was wonderful to catch up!


After the walk, Lovie and I were off to the Science Museum. That’s right, we checked #1 off of my 30 Before Thirty list! Done and Done! As I mentioned, we planned the day since Lovie was off of school. We didn’t realize until we got to the museum that all the little kiddies had school off too. Oops. Oh, well, we still had an absolutely fantastic time! We learned about the Mayans, read history on the place we call home, hung out  in the experiment labs, drew with some spirographs, saw lots of dinosaurs, and took tons of goofy pictures. I’m always all about taking pictures, and always have been. I used to be a major scrapbooker, but have turned into a digital photo booker as of late. I make a yearbook each year for us. It’s so fun looking back at the previous years! Currently working on Volume 3 now.




After the museum, we stopped off at Dairy Queen for a treat, then back home for a movie night!  It’s was a wonderful day, just the two of us!  Definitely a day that I will cherish, full of memories, and will always remember!

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