Saturday Savings Tally – Round 5

Happy Saturday!  This was a really great week for savings!  Coupons galore and gift cards used!  This goes to show that making a list and searching out coupons for items on your list really does pay off.  That and having rewards cards to help with extra savings as well.

So here we are, savings this week – even the pennies here and there count:

  • $30.00 – Gift card used!  Yes, I include this as money saved, after all, I didn’t have to spend it.
  • $15.00 – bought fabric on sale to make holiday gifts
  • $0.56 – trivia correct and reusable mug at Caribou
  • $31.11 – coupons while shopping
  • $34.99 – ordered new tennis shoes online with rewards card.
  • $4.00 – discount at the Science Museum
  • $0.22 – found money while out and about

Total Savings:  $115.88

Every little bit helps!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Savings Tally – Round 5

  1. Of course using a giftcard counts as savings! I dropped by your blog from the Lets Be Friends bloghop, discovered you were a local Twin Citizan, and now I’ll definitely be following you with Bloglovin’!

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