Another one bites the dust

“Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey I’m gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust”

And now that the song is stuck in all of our heads, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today was the day; another thing in the house has seen its end.  I had been hearing this clicking noise in the hallway near our room for the last few days, but couldn’t figure out what was the culprit.  Well, it was identified today when I went to grab a nice, cold Dr. Pepper out of our little fridge.  Then I heard it.  The click.  And again!  Not only was our dear little fridge clicking, but everything inside was warm and wet.  Oh poo.  The fridge died.  This little fridge has been with me for years, through good times and bad, and survived through at least 8 moves, maybe more.  I got in when I entered college, the little fridge that shall hold my groceries in the dorm room.  And not just one of those little mini-fridges, but a really nice one!  I guess it was bound to go on me one of these days.  Why not now, right?  Will we get another to replace it?  Eh, we’re not sure yet.  It’s not exactly in the budget, and it isn’t absolutely necessary (though super nice to have!), so we may hold off on that purchase for a bit.

This was the second thing this week to bite the dust for us.  Lovie’s computer hadn’t been cooperating for the last few weeks, and finally wouldn’t turn on earlier this week.  Lovie is a bit of a techy guy, and figured it was because he had done a bit of updating and reconfiguring.  Not the case.  We took it to the pros yesterday, and it’s a goner.  Motherboard is shot.  No can do to fix.  Will we get another to replace it?  As soon as we can!  After all, Lovie is in school right now, and has been busy writing papers up until now on it – not to mention a bit of video gaming that has been done as well.  Thankfully Dad has one that he isn’t using that Lovie can use in the meantime.

I’m hoping that’s it for a while!  At least for things that are urgent to replace.

Have you had anything bite the dust lately?

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