What a weekend!

Two more goals from my 30 Before Thirty list have been checked off!  (You can see my list here.)

This weekend was our time for family photos!  I can’t remember the last time that we actually had family pictures done when it wasn’t a wedding.  I think the last time we had actual family pictures taken was back when we got them at the church we were going to.  I’m thinking that was at least 12-15 years ago?  Ooofta.  We have been trying for the last few years, but with Dad out of town for work often, and big brother up north working, it was hard to find a time when everyone had a free weekend at the same time.  Plus the fact that big brother is now married and my little niece is around, and I have Lovie – it was time to get some pictures taken!  They were actually planned for a weekend a few years ago when it worked for us all…but then we had a huge snow storm, which meant no travel anywhere.  So when my sister-in-law called with the date of this weekend that they were available, and I actually had the weekend off, we made the plans to schedule it!  I called the photographer we were originally hoping to use, but she was booked out until December..eesh.  The other little constraint was that Niecey’s 6-month pictures were also going to be done at the same time.  6-month pictures taken of an 8-month old babe don’t work so well.  Thankfully I had another close friend who I thought might be available.  Lo and behold, this was the only weekend she had left available in October!  It was a date!

It was a beautiful day out, the temps were warm for this time of year, the sun was out, and there was just a slight breeze.  We headed over to a historical farm and park, all dolled up in our picture day outfits, and were ready!

Oh, I suppose I should also tell you, the other perfect reason for the pictures today?  Lovie and I got engaged yesterday!!!  That’s right, I now have a fiance – no longer a boyfriend!  I knew it would happen sometime, I just didn’t know that sometime was going to be yesterday!  And the ring is amazing!  We had talked about styles, we had tried a few on, but I didn’t know which one he actually went with.  Boy did he win!

20131028-013041.jpgAhh!  I still can’t sit still!  We’ve set the date for next August; a nice, small, intimate wedding with a little open house afterwards.  We both have already been married, so we don’t feel the need for the big hoopla.  Plus, who doesn’t mind saving a little money, right?  I mean really, I looked at a couple of websites, and saw the average cost of a wedding these days is $28,000!  $28,000???  I would rather put that as a down payment on a house!  Thank goodness he and I are on the same page with this one!

Oh my goodness, we’re getting married!!  I mean, I knew it would come eventually, it just seemed so far away!

So anyways, that takes two items off of my list!  And we can’t wait to get the photos back!  Now for patience…and planning!

6 thoughts on “What a weekend!

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