Let the planning begin!

The planning bug has hit me!  With a man by my side, a ring on my finger, and a date set – planning mode is on!

Lovie and I have been perusing Pinterest like crazy lately (okay, maybe more me…finding things and pinning for him to see), looking at ideas for our wedding.  We’ve narrowed a few things down and crossed them off our list.  We set the time and place, picked our poeple to stand with us, and picked our theme.  We are going with a bit of a modern vintage theme, he’ll be in a kilt, and I’ll be in a gorgeous tea length dress – haven’t shopped for it yet.  It will be set in the garden at my parent’s with an intimate ceremony of family, and an open house for others to help us celebrate afterwards.


A lot of thinking has happened in one week!  We were going to wait to set a date, but when the photographer said she was really filling up next summer already – we knew we’d better get it locked in so we didn’t lose her as our photographer!  And with that, I just started.  You know us girls and our weddings!

Our biggest thing is to have a small, intimate weding with those closest to us, and a larger gathering with others to celebrate afterwards.  Lovie’s first wedding was in front of the Justice of the Peace, and he wanted something bigger.  My first wedding was at a golf clubhouse with the 175-200 guests, and I wanted something smaller.  This was the perfect solution for both of us.

We have the feel pretty much down that we want our wedding to have, have made our list of things we absolutely want to include, and things we can live without having.  We have our color scheme mostly narrowed down (still waiting to see which exact tartan he will go with), we have the guest list started, and the budget almost all hashed out.

Our main goal is to focus on us, our relationship and commitment, and celebrate our joining as one.  And boy, we can’t wait for our day!



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