How we’re saving on our wedding.

745e8-img_2098With all of the wedding talk and planning lately, I decided I would write up a little post of how Lovie and I are saving money on our wedding.  Like I’ve mentioned before, this is a second marriage for both of us, so we didn’t feel the need to go all out, big and spendy.  We don’t feel the need to spend the amount for a house down payment on one day.  We have decided to have a small, intimate wedding with an open house afterwards to celebrate.  Now let’s take a look on a few ways we’re saving money:

  1. Backyard garden wedding.  The wedding will be in our garden, with flowers blooming and luscious greens.  With having it at our house, we don’t have to fight for a specific date or pay outrageous amounts of green for a summer/weekend wedding.
  2. Small wedding and open house.  It will be a small wedding of family and our closest friends, and an open house rather than a big reception afterwards.
  3. Friends as vendors.  Our officiant, photographer, and the one who will make our cake are all dear friends of ours.
  4. No tuxes or big floofy wedding dress.  Lovie will be in a kilt of his family tartan, and I will be in a beautiful tea-length dress, and not white (I never looked good in white anyways).
  5. Flowers from the Farmer’s Market.  Since the garden will be a beautiful backdrop, we didn’t feel the need to have a ton of floral arrangements.  Plus, the wedding will be in August on a Saturday, perfect timing to stop at the Farmer’s Market that morning for the few flowers we may need.  My and my MOH’s bouguets will be made from vintage brooches and greens from the garden.
  6. Decorations from around the house and thrifting.  We have a love for antiques and vintage, and have quite a few items already.  And what better place to find vintage than thrift stores and garage sales?
  7. Add in a few DIY projects.  We’re a crafty bunch, so why buy when we can DIY?
  8. No favors to give away.  Most of that stuff ends up in the garbage anyway.
  9. Combining details. Our engagement pictures were taken the same day as our family pictures (it all happened to fall that way, yay!), our Save-the-Dates are a part of our Christmas cards, no RSVP cards since it is just an open house.
  10. Using decorations from other weddings/parties.  We have white string lights left from my brother’s wedding that we saved, tulle from other parties, tea lights that we’ve had stashed.  We’re all about re-using, expecially if there is still a lot of use to get out of the item.

4 thoughts on “How we’re saving on our wedding.

  1. Small and intimate weddings are the best. 🙂 In my case, we’re gonna have to do another wedding in my home country because most of my family and relatives couldn’t come (people there usually have like 200+ guests). I’ll make it as small and intimate as I can. Goodluck with yours! 🙂

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