For the love of fall

First, I want to say welcome to any new readers that are hopping on over to my blog from the Fall Fancy Follower Fest!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m Katy, and I’m the brunette in the picture to the right.  Welcome to my little space here in blog land.   I write about a bit of everything; changes I’ve been through in the last few years from divorce to now newly engaged (!!!), a change in careers, and trying to kick my debt to the curb.  I’m also a pretty crafty chick with an Etsy shop {Recut Designs} and a Pinterest list of things to make or do a few miles long.

My absolute favorite season of all is FALL!  I know I have posted a bit about fall so far, but here in the Midwest, Fall really is quite striking.  And it is definitely in full swing (especially with the bit of snow that we have falling outside tonight).  The cool weather perfect for sweaters and warm scarves, the boots with every outfit, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the amazing colors!


We’ve had a bit of pretty blustery days lately, so the leaves are now covering the ground.  I love looking down the street and seeing the luscious colored landscape, and the children running through the piles of leaves.


The silhouettes of the trees against the fall sunshine.


And who could forget about the great items that now fill the tables at the local Farmer’s Markets! Pumpkins, squashes, tomatoes, apples, etc.


Along with the beautiful, rich jewel tones of the flowers. The Mums, Sunflowers, Zenias, and everything else between!


If you didn’t come from there, I’m also linking up with the Fall Fancy Follower Fest! Head on over to join in and check out all of the other wonderful bloggers!  Click on the link above, or over in my sidebar to the right.  And if you are new here, leave a comment, I’d love to get to know you all!

8 thoughts on “For the love of fall

    • Morning Courtney! Thanks for stopping over! Those scarves are actually all ones I sell, but I do have quite a collection of my own! I’m up here in Minnesota, where are you located?

  1. Hi Katy, I’m visiting from the Fall Fancy Follower Fest! I love your pictures, they are so crisp! I’m following you and looking forward to your future posts. 🙂

  2. Dropping by from the Fall fancy linkup! I love fall too, especially hiking in the woods and apple picking. Your images are beautiful and really capture the season!

    ❤ Vicki

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