Friday Confessional {11.8.13}

It’s time for a little confessing.

I confess…

I am super excited to spend some time with my girls this weekend!  It is our annual Girls Quilty Retreat!  Yep, three girls (and mom) in their late 20’s getting together to sew, quilt, eat food, watch movies, chit-chat, and have fun for the entire weekend!
WIP Wednesday & Thankful #7

I confess…

I had three Caribou drinks this week when I am trying to ween down to only one a week.  Their holiday drinks are now out and I just couldn’t resist.  Yum!

I confess…

Pretty sure I have found a new favorite workout thing.  I am loving the Kenpo X with the P90X system.  One of the best workouts I’ve had in a while!
Fracture won't keep me down!

I confess…

I catch myself staring at my beautiful new piece of jewelry from my fiance often.  It’s gorgeous and amazing striking when it catches the light.  Especially in the elevators at my work… I may have ridden in them a couple times just to bask in the marvel of my ring.

I confess…

Yes, I was a bit excited when we got a bit of snow this week.  Come on now, this is the North Midwest, it’s November, we’re due for it.  And it was pretty!

Happy Friday!

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