Photo-a-day journey begins

As I peruse through the blog world, I have always seen people posting and talking about their photo-a-day challenges, whether it be for a month, a year, or further on.  Then I stumbled upon Danielle’s blog, A Writer in Love, through The Dwelling Tree’s “Let’s Be Friends” blog hop.  Danielle wrote about how she has been embarking on her photo-a-day journey since 2009.  2009!  That’s 5 years of 365 photos a year!  And honestly…I love it.

Not only does she take a photo each day of something she finds in her everyday life, she then prints up a photo book of all of the photos each year.

I make a yearbook each year since Fiance and I began dating, but I love this idea of photo-a-day books!  I have decided I shall embark on this journey.  I am not sure how long it will last, how many years it will go, how many photos it will encompass.  But with a camera at my fingertips with my smartphone, how could I not take this journey?  Afterall, I almost went to college for photography, it has always been a part of me.

I had been debating on making a separate blog for my Photo-a-day journey, but I am thinking the yearly book is a splendid idea.  (I may still do the blog idea as well, we shall see.)  I have always loved the idea of making my own coffee table books with my photography.  And I’ve always pictured that one day in our home, there would be books and art filling the shelves that Fiance and I have done ourselves.

So without further ado – the first photo:


2 thoughts on “Photo-a-day journey begins

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