Date Night!

Fiancé and I had a much needed date night tonight! He got free tickets to a basketball game for Military Night and I thankfully had the night off from work. We decided to make a night of it.

After I picked him up from class, we made our way downtown for dinner. We arrived a bit before our reservations, so we made a stop at Barnes & Noble. That place can be so dangerous! We, of course, ended up walking in the door right near the children’s section, so naturally we had to make a stop. I couldn’t help but dream of reading to a future little one as we passed some of my childhood favorites. We then made it to the Art & Photography books. I found the perfect book for me. Because I really did used to be a design student. An Interior Designer at that.


We were then off to dinner for fondue, delicious! One of our absolute favorite places! And we celebrated our engagement with a decorated table.


It was delightful!



Then off to the basketball game! A bit up there, but great view!

We cherish these moments we get to spend together since they don’t come around as much as we’d like them to.

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