A walk amongst the fallen leaves.

Fiance, I think we shall call him J from here on out, is taking a photography course this semester.  It has been a lot of fun to watch as he learns new techniques and dives into looking at the world from a whole different perspective.  Talking in a different language of the rule of thirds, apertures, ISO, and lighting.  He often asks if I want to go with him on his hunts for just the right photographs for class.  J knows of my love for capturing life through the eye of my lens.  I took every photography class I could in high school and college without it actually being my major.  I even mentioned to him today that I have no idea what I will ever do with all of the photos I take.  Save them for a “someday” I suppose.

Today, we took a trip to a local park to explore the trails around one of the many lakes this great state has to offer.  The leaves have fallen, the trees are bare, the sun was setting, but there was this serene beauty about it all.  It was a cool day with a crisp fall wind.  We were able to capture some wonderful shots of nature as it prepares for the winter.



J also had a rush of memories as he walked up to the pavilion in the park.  The memories of a family reunion thirteen years ago.  We didn’t know each other at that time, in fact, he didn’t even live in this state.  He was stationed in Hawaii in the military and had come home for the reunion.  The funny part – this park is near the home in which I grew up.  We have often marveled at the many times we were in the same city, or somewhere near each other without even knowing it.  We always laugh and wonder if we have crossed paths in the past.


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