Check it off the list!

Back in October, I wrote up my 30 Before Thirty list.  I have exctly 7 months from yesterday to check off the 27 things that I have left to finish.   Another one will be completed this week!

Today I will be checking of:

23.  Turn the Man Cupboard (our computer room) into a functional and comfortable space.

J lovingly coined the computer room – the Man Cupboard a few months back, because we were discussing how he didn’t have a Man Cave at the moment.  And thankfully, he doesn’t mind sharing the Man Cupboard with me.

Up until this weekend, the room was very disorganized, not even an organized chaos…just chaos!  There was paperwork to be filed, a couple boxes to be unpacked, tv trays for workspace, furniture that wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential,  hand sewing projects piled on my desk (which now have a little home); it was just a mess.  We had been ready to clean and organize the room for a while now, but we were at the point of no return – so overwhelmed we didn’t know where to start.

Then the little diddy on the right showed up for sale on a Facebook sale site that I am a part of.  The perfect piece for the clean house kick-off!  And we had the perfect place to put it too.  The bookshelf fit like a glove!


After a long two days of going through boxes, finding things we thought were packed away in our storage unit, filing like no other, 2 bags of shredding, 1 bag of old magazines and catalogs, and 3 bags of trash – chaos was out the door and the long awaited space of functionality and comfort had arrived!  We still can’t believe how great it looks, and we even have desk space!





Stay tuned for later in the week to see the other item ticked off the list!

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