On the right track

It looks like today is confessional day. Stop on over to Girl Meets Debt for my Debt Confessionals guest post.

Get ready, we are about to get a little serious here.

This summer, I hit my all-time high weight.  I knew things needed to change when I was not watching what I was eating, my clothes were getting a bit tight, and my hypoglycemia was beginning to act up.  My snacks and meals were not scheduled as they should have been, my sleep patterns were off, and I just felt flubby.  Then the dreaded day came when I stepped on the scale in the locker room at work.  It is the type of scale like the doctor has, the one where you have to move the weights yourself.  That was a bit sobering.  The weights did not stop where I thought they would.  They kept going, and stopped at 175 lbs.  Whoa.

Around this same time, I received a letter in the mail with my test results from my yearly blood test to check blood glucose and cholesterol.  The envelope was a bit thicker than normal.  Along with the letter was a pamphlet on how to lower cholesterol.  My cholesterol levels were too high.  Whoa.

At that moment, I made a commitment to myself that I would focus on my health and fitness to work at shedding the pounds and bringing my cholesterol back to normal levels.  I began planning snacks for work, I decreased the amount of pop I was drinking, I cut down on the intake of fruffy coffee drinks, and I hit the gym.  It started with running, rowing and some body weight exercises.  I have now added in aerobic cardio and weights.  I also joined my first 30-day fitness challenge that my sister-in-law put together in mid-October.  I would say I killed it with losing a total of 11 inches in the 30-days!  Trust me, if you are doing any tracking – track inches, not pounds.  Fat turns to muscle – you become more toned, but muscle weighs more than fat.  Your body will change and become more toned, but the scale may not change like you think it would.

I am now on Day 20 of my second fitness challenge, and have lost another 2 inches.  I’ve hit a plateu, time to re-evaluate a bit.  Unfortunately, I have also been dealing with a knee injury this time around, so I haven’t been able to hit it as hard as I would have liked so far – but I’m on the mend.  Another week and a half to push it.  I have decrease my pop intake to one a day, and my fruffy coffee intake to one a week.  I am drinking a lot more water and green/herbal tea, and eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.  It has been at least a month and a half since I bought something from the vending machine.  I track my calorie intake.  I allow myself one cheat meal a week without feeling guilty about it, and I plan for it.

After this fitness challenge is over I may not join another, but I am going to continue with tracking measurements and photos once a week.  It is astonishing to look at my first photos from October 13th, and to look at the photos from this past Sunday.  I will also be continuing to make my monthly fitness goals each month, and check in with my accountability group of ladies from the challenges.

The other thing that I will continue with that we have done during these challenges is Flex Friday.   Enter Flex Friday comparison photo from Week 2 of the first challenge and Week 2 of the second challenge.


Top weight – 175 lbs
Current weight – 164 lbs
Goal weight – 140 lbs
Inches down since 10/13/13 – 13 inches

I still have a ways to go, but at least I am on the right track!

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