The sketchbook is out

As I sit and talk with Fiance about projects for his classes, it brings me back to years ago when I was in school for my own fine arts degree.  It may have been a degree in Interior Design – a science major at many schools – but it was a fine arts degree at the school I chose.  Which meant I was exposed to so many wonderful sides of art.  I took all sorts of classes from drawing to painting, ceramics to art metals and screen printing.  I even skipped on across the pond for a summer study abroad program in London and Scotland to paint.  Quite wonderful, it was!

While I may be in a very logic based career now, the creativity is always there.  I try to do what I can to keep it going.  I sew and quilt, I dabble in photography, I even throw some paint on canvas from time to time.  Lately though, the drive to create has been there, but inspiration has been lacking.  I searched Pinterest for projects to do, I looked through my quilt books, but nothing was quenching the ‘need to create’ thirst.  Then I remembered back to one of my drawing classes when our teacher made us fill an entire sketchbook with whatever came to us.


I went to a drawer that Fiance and I keep empty sketchbooks and grabbed one out.  I opened it with a pencil in hand and stared at the blank paper.  Nothing.  This need to create, and I couldn’t put a pencil to paper to draw.  So I  thought back to class when we used to draw still-life upon still-life.  I looked up and picked an area on my shelf and began to draw.  Ah yes, a bit rusty I see.

But then I continued.  I began looking for inspiration everywhere.  eyes.  organic/geometric.  dandelions.  text.  Ideas flowing in one after another.


My sketchbook is slowly starting to fill page by page.  I may just keep going. Heck, I will hopefully fill this before I’m 30! In fact, I think I’ll work to fill at least two more over the next year!

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