Since when…

…did Lego sets get so incredibly cool and intricate!

We were finally able to celebrate Hanukkah with Fiance’s brother’s family.  It is always fun to see our niece and nephew and share in this celebration with them.  And I must say, it is a joy to watch them each year as they grow and share this tradition with us.  I had never celebrated Hanukkah before meeting Fiance, so it is a new experience.

This year, one of the kids’ gifts were Lego sets.  Fiance, his brother, and I got on the floor with the kids and started putting the sets together.  D got a super cool Coast Guard helicopter set, and S got some “Friends” set.  Something I had never seen before, but super cool!

We opened the boxes, and out falls bags of pieces and instruction booklets.  S’s box alone had 9 separate bags of pieces and 3 instruction booklets.  What??  I remember getting one bag of pieces and an instruction sheet that folded out to poster size.   Can you say adult help needed?  D was more concerned with just building his own creation and had no interest in how to put the helicopter together.  But S sat down with Fiance and went step-by-step through the first bag of pieces building this little part of a large set she had received.  The difference in the attention span of a 4-year old and a 7-year old, I suppose.

And all of the little characters dressed to the nine’s.  D’s was a Coast Guard set, and they were complete with helmets, headsets, air tanks and all.  S’s set was a newer set with 2 girls with different hairdo’s you could interchange, little outfits, horses, and even a porcupine.  A porcupine!


It has been such a treat to watch these two grow each year, and I am excited to soon officially be their auntie!

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