Sleigh Bells Ring

I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit lately looking for a quick little holiday craft that I could do to put up this year.  I enjoy making a little something new each year, and since J and I don’t have a lot of space, I wanted to do something smaller that we could mix in with one of our gallery walls.

I kept seeing the shadow boxes with bells or ornaments inside, and knew that was it!  While at Target today, I saw some jingle bells and decided today was the day.  I grabbed a shadow box, some letter and snowflake stickers from the scrapbook supplies, and went home to make my piece.  I’ve seen many with the phrase “Jingle Bells” or “Jingle all the way”, which is cute, but I’m a bit different.  So “Sleigh Bells Ring” was it!






The shadow box was a quick and easy craft, and it turned out so gosh darn cute! I was going to back it with some holiday scrapbook paper, but decided not to.  I love how the “sleigh bells ring” casts the shadow on the background.  J even likes it!  And for a guy who isn’t nearly into Christmas like me, that’s a huge plus!

What crafts have you been Pinspired to make for the holidays??

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