Dreaming of Christmas

J and I had some time today to kill yesterday while waiting for an appointment, so we did what we do best – we went to browse at Target!  And of course, with the season, I dragged him to the Christmas section to dream about what Christmas will be like when we finally have  a house of our own.

What kind of tree would we get? What would be placed on top? How would we decorate the house?

It was fun to walk around dreaming and imagining what our house would look like.  Maybe more so for me since he’s not in love with Christmas like I am.  There were a few times that he was wandering and looking at things himself though, so that is a good sign!


We found this adorable gnome tree topper (we have a thing for gnomes), a Marine ornament for him, and a police car ornament for me.


I loved the color scheme of the red, white, and gray. Very classic and traditional yet modern.


And of course, you can’t forget about a monogram for each, or Darth Vader and Snow White!

The dreaming and wishing will continue for a while longer; until then, we have the decorations and tree at mom and dad’s to hold us over.

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