My happy list…


Today is my day off, which is a good day in my books!  Now for a few other things that are making me happy this week:

  • I am always happy for a stop at Caribou for my most favorite holiday drink.
  • As many know, I love Christmas, and guess what??  2 weeks until Christmas!  Yes, I did just write that.
  • I am working on an awesome quilt – that will be finished today – tomorrow at the latest – to be given to my mentor before he leaves the state.
  • I scored a space in the sidebar of Living on Sweet Tea, a blog I read regularly!  Hello to all who have made it here from a little click over there 🙂
  • Our Christmas decorations are up, and I have enjoyed at least one cup of tea in front of the tree at night with the lights on.  Magical!  There is just something about Christmas lights at night.
  • I have a few hours of overtime in work this week already.  Yes, that means more work, but it also means more money!
  • And the thing I am most happy about…my student loans have been paid off as of yesterday!!!

What is making you happy this week?

4 thoughts on “My happy list…

  1. 2 weeks! Yay! And I’m so jealous of your Caribou drink. We had one literally 2 minutes up the road until it closed a few months ago and now Caribou is no more in Ohio. I’m so sad about it!

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