An ornament tradition continues.

Growing up, my grandma and grandpa on Dad’s side gave my brother and I gold ornaments with the date inscribed on them each year for the Christmas tree.  It started our first Christmas and carried on for many Christmas’ after.  Those gold ornaments have donned the tree branches every year and have some of the most meaning.

When Fiance and I were getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas season together, I knew I wanted to continue the tradition in our family.  Every year, we find an new ornament for the Christmas tree.  The ornament represents an event, a memory, something special that happened that year.  For our first Christmas, I went a little overboard.  I got more than one, but it was our first Christmas, how could I pick just one??

I first found a pair of ice skates and a coffee cup ornament from Caribou Coffee.  The ice skates for a time we went ice skating before we started dating, quite a lasting memory!  And the coffee cup because we had many study dates at Caribou Coffee during our first year.  (I hoped to have a picture of these…but they are buried in the back of storage right now, womp womp.)

We also found some awesome ornaments at a booth at the Renaissance Festival; amazing laser cut wood ornaments.  So those were added to the collection.  I also made a bacon strip with a mustache for Fiance, because naturally – he is a man obsessed with bacon.  I think I may lose out if it were between me and the bacon.

Last year, I continued with the handmade idea.  I made us a set of mustaches.  We are quite enthralled by the whole mustache craze as well.  And yes, the bacon craze is still there as well.

This year, our big, happy special event will be encapsulated in a special handmade ornament by yours truly!  I spent a little time sketching out ideas, and finally settled on one.  I present to you, this year’s ornament!  (the ring is usually on the finger, just couldn’t pass up a photo op!)

I have also decided since this is Niecey-Niece’s first Christmas, I am going to start the tradition with her as well.  I will make her a little ornament each year.  It isn’t quite done yet…almost.

Do you have any special ornament traditions in your family?

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10 thoughts on “An ornament tradition continues.

  1. LOVE THIS TRADITION!! How fun. And I love your handmade ornaments… I need to try that! I love that they carry memories, too. Thanks for sharing your holiday tradition!! And for linking up! Merry Christmas!!:)

  2. Visiting from the linkup!
    Oh wow, I LOVE the idea of making your own ornaments! I’ve been hunting for one that represents our first Christmas as a married couple; my parents had something like 5 of them, and I haven’t found one yet. If it comes down to it I may just have to take a leaf from your book and make us one!

    • Thanks for stopping by! That’s exactly how I was with looking for one for our engagement. I scoured stores and Etsy. I’m the type who usually makes things though, because I can never find what I’m picturing in my head!

    • Thank you! I really love how it turned out. I tend to be one of those who makes a lot of things, because I can never find what I picture in my mind to purchase!

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