What’s with the bah humbug?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this lately, but it seems that there has been a lot of bah humbing around lately.  Now, being one who loves…and I mean LOVES…Christmas, I always wonder what has people in the bah humbug mood.  And I then feel like its up to me to get them out of it.

Maybe it’s the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  Maybe it’s everyone and their mother asking for donations when things are already a little stretched thin.  Maybe it’s the snow and people forgetting how to drive in it with each storm.  Maybe it’s the lack of Vitamin D when the sun won’t come out and play.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere from work, to out in the stores, to the post office, to my own fiance.

Now, I understand that everyday can’t be a sunshiney, happy happy day.  But it’s the jolliest season around!

Plus with some of the holly jolly videos floating around the web and Facebook, they can’t put you in anything but a jolly mood and in the Christmas spirit!

Here is one of those videos that has been floating around; you may have already seen it.  Now, I’ve already watching it 4 times, and can’t help the ginormous smile and tears in my eyes that I get everytime.

Have you seen this video before?  Isn’t it just the greatest!!

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