Goals for 2014

As we near the end of 2013, I’ve been throwing around some goals that I would like to have on my list for 2014.  After looking at my wanna-be goals, I have narrowed it down to a few that I think are very obtainable for the upcoming year.


#1 (pay off all debt) is the big one on the list for 2014! I thankfully have paid off all of my student loans (thank you Mom & Dad!), so it is just the credit card debt left. I’m sitting at just about $15,000 and I’m hoping my Debt-Free date will be Dec. 31, 2014.  That puts it at paying off $1,250 a month (actually I figure about $1,350 because of interest).  That should not be a problem since I’ve put more than that towards my debt each of the last two months.  Oh, how nice it will be to have that gone!

#2 (wedding) and #3 (honeymoon) are bound to happen, and J & I couldn’t be more excited that they are finally here!

#4 (narrow down place to live) will happen in time, though maybe not on our timeline.  I’m just hoping and praying our place will come in 2014.

#5 (working out & losing more inches) has been started and shall be continued throughout the next year.

#6 (go through boxes) will definitely be done before the summer since we are planning to clean out and have a garage sale.

#7 (reupholster chaise & chairs) will be done, I’m guessing, once the wedding is done.  Or at least once storage is cleaned out so we can actually get to them.

#8 (run a Color Run) I’m thinking that will be a good run to do for 2014, and it sounds so stinkin’ happy and fun!  Just my style!

#9 (comple 2 sketchbooks) I am working my way through one right now, and am finally getting back into the swing of it.  Two total should be a breeze!

And last but not least…

#10 (re-learn sign language) As J continues to lose his hearing after being in the military, he and I have agreed to learn sign language together for the day we both dread, when his hearing is eventually gone in both ears (at least he still has some in his right ear now).  I took sign language classes through Community Ed when I was younger, so it will be nice to brush off the cobwebs and freshen up my skills.

There we have them!  And really, I can’t wait to get going on a couple of them!!

What are your goals for 2014??

5 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

    • Thank you! I’m not such a fan of my writing, but mom loves it. She always used to make me write in cards and such when I was younger because she liked it so much, haha!

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