Those I am thinking of this holiday season.


As I sit here listening to Christmas music next to the tree with my loved ones around me, I think about all of those that may not be so fortunate this Christmas.

… I think of the men and women who are not able to be home with their families as they are serving our country and may be in some far-away land, celebrating Christmas in the sand.

… I think of my family who are in other states, and were not able to come to celebrate the season with the rest of us.

… I think of my brothers and sisters who are keeping the streets safe while the rest of us are in our homes with our own families.

… I think of the parents who are barely scraping by, and were not able to give their children all they had wanted to for the holiday.

… I think of the poeple who may not have family left to visit them in the nursing homes or care facilities.

… I think of everyone who does not have a place to call home, who is not able to keep a roof over their heads or food on their table.

… I think of the children who are celebrating Christmas in a hospital room because they are too sick to go home.

I pray for each and every one of these peole, and that they may see a bit of joy this Christmas and holiday season.  And know that they are loved by the one above.

I wish you all a joyous and wonderful Christmas, and a new year full of happiness and good health.

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