How Christmas went down.

Oh, what a wonderful time of year!  And I was super jazzed, because I had Christmas off from work!  A real Christmas miracle!  (I was supposed to work, but thank the Lord above – enough people volunteered to work it.)  I worked Christmas Eve, but that wasn’t a problem, because the family and I typically celebrate on Christmas day anyways.


Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, but this year was a little extra special since it was my little niece’s first Christmas!

We all got up around 9 o’clock in the am, had a little something to eat, then to the couch in front of the tree.  Such a beautiful sight!  The lights glittering from the tree, family all around, and Baby Jesus laying in his manager of the nativity scene.  Stockings were emptied, gifts were unwrapped, books were read, and movies were watched.  It was a splendid day!


Some highlights were a Keurig machine to J & me from Santa, a standing jewelery box repurposed into my new sewing cabinet, the ‘Young House Love’ book, and a few movies to watch with the family.


Miss Annabelle also hit the jackpot this year.  She got her first dolly, which she just giggled at when it gabbed to her, and a new sled from Grandma and Grandpa!  Since it was a little cold out, she got sled rides through the living room from her mommy and daddy.  She also said her first word Christmas morning – ‘dada’ to my brother as she tried to get his attention.  I also started the tradition of giving her a handmade ornament each year.  This year was an adorable little fox!


Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!  One of my favorite parts of my Christmas day?  Sitting in front of the lit Christmas tree in the evening, cuddling with my niece as she fell asleep on my chest.  There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping sweet little baby.

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