Hello :: Goodbye {2014 edition}

HelloGoodbye 2014
Hello 2014 :: Goodbye 2013
Hello husband :: Goodbye fiance/boyfriend
Hello healthier, fit me :: Goodbye loungy, unfit me
Hello year of the big 3-0 :: Goodbye twenties
Hello year I become debt-free :: Goodbye shackles of debt
Hello fancy shmancy honeymoon :: Goodbye cold, blustery winter
Hello living with intention ::Goodbye letting things fall to the wayside
Hello hanging frames :: Goodbye frames sitting in box
Hello finished projects :: Goodbye works in progress
Hello wonderful journey and adventures!

Linking up with Allison!

Nestful of LOve

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4 thoughts on “Hello :: Goodbye {2014 edition}

  1. Love this!! I should probably finish some of my WIPS’ as well.. lol! Happy New Year! 🙂 Will be adding you to my blogroll as well! Great blog!!

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