Family Yearbook almost done!

I have always been a crafty girl, and used to scrapbook like there was no tomorrow.  I scrapbooked everything; events – trips – birthdays – a walk in the garden – you name it.  But then life got busy, and pictures started piling up, both regular film and digital when the eventual switch happened.  My lists grew longer of the pages that needed to be completed and the books sat empty.  It got to be too time consuming to sit and finish the books.  Then the divorce happened, and there was a substantial switch in how memories were kept.

Once J and I began dating in 2011, all pictures were digital.  Rather than print photos all off, then arrange in a scrapbook, I was introduced to printed photobooks.  Be still my fluttering heart, I have fallen in love!  I made my first book from Shutterfly with a coupon I had gotten.  It was a small one, filled with some picture from our first few months of dating.  I loved it so much, I couldn’t stop looking at it once we received it!

Now, I’m a picture girl, and needed to find a way to keep the memories going.  Enter –> the family yearbook!  Novel idea!  I mean, we used to get yearbooks in school every year, why not carry that over into “grown up” life?  Our first yearbook contains some of our most cherished “first pictures together”, and I love going back to look at them.


After comparing the different companies and the reviews, I decided to go with My Publisher for our yearbooks.  Everything is done in the US, and you are able to really personalize your projects however you would like.  And one of the most exciting parts (to me at least) is the specials they have.  Sometimes they have a Free extra pages sale.  Hello, my books are usually more than the starter number of pages, awesomesauce!  I wait for those sales like nobody’s business!  I will especially be waiting this year since our 2013 Yearbook will be in 2 volumes – a lot happened!

I always go with the linen covers with the single photo front. Each year has been a different color, which makes for a fun arrangement on the bookshelf. So far we have black (2011) and green (2012), so I’m thinking this year will be either navy or red.  The decision is yet to be made.


I even love making photo books so much that I have one on the way that is of our family pictures taken in October. It tripled as family photos (our last ones were taken in maybe the early 2000’s), our engagement photos, and Annabelle’s 6-month photos. Thankfully, our photographer was our dear friend, Danielle, and she had no problem capturing all of these memories!  I super duper can’t wait to get that book!  It’s on its way as we speak!

If you are looking for a way to capture you treasured filmed memories, or are looking to take the jump from scrap booking, I say jump!  Once you make your first book, you won’t look back.

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