Vision board

I am a visual person, so it only makes sense for me to make a vision board for the upcoming year.

I gathered some old magazines that we had sitting around the house, a pair of scissors, a quilt to cuddle under, and began the search for images and words to include.  I cut and ripped, and had too many for this years board, so I have started a little folder with the left-overs for next year.


It didn’t take too long to find enough words/phrases.  I grabbed an extra piece of mat board from framing I’ve done over the past few days, and got to work.  When I look at my finished board, I get excited for what this year will bring!  I am inspired and encouraged by my goals that I have set.


I included items for fitness goals, our wedding and honeymoon this year, goals to become more organized, and plans to share more of God with others.  I look forward to all this year has to offer!


What did you include on your vision board for 2014?

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