Must be getting old

Oh man, it happened today.

So I was asked at work by a new person recently hired how old I was (it is often guessed that I’m quite a bit younger than I actually am – what really throws them for a loop is when I say I’ve already been married and divorced!!).

I swiftly answered “I’m 27.”

What??  Since when did I lose almost 3 years? 

I realized what I said when I looked at my boss standing near us as she started laughing.  You see, she and I recently had the conversation about how my girlfriends and I are not sure how we feel about turning 30 this year.  One said she will be celebrating her 5th anniversary of her 25th birthday, the other said she will be turning 29 again.  Me?  When we talked about it, I was okay with turning 30 – today, apparently not so much!

I quickly corrected myself and said “I’m really 29”, apparently wishful thinking got the best of me today.  I know 30 isn’t really old, but I feel like I should have my life a bit more together than I actually do the months before turning it. It used to seem so far away, and here I am less than 8 months to it.

So I put this out to all of you, whatever your age may be.  Have you hit that age yet when you just weren’t so sure about getting older?  What age was that?  Or are you one to embrace each year and not let the number get the best of you?  If you haven’t hit that age yet, what age is it for you?

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