Currently :: January Edition

Now that we are almost halfway through January (really??  Where did the days go??), I figured why not to a “Currently” post.

Reading ::  my first book of 2014.  “Conversations with God”, a study series that J and I are doing together.


Eating ::  Lots of apples, I’ve been on a bit of an apple kick lately.  And of course popcorn!  And I’m really working on healthier/less processed foods in general.

Watching ::  Burn Notice.  I watched this show when it first started, but missed the last couple seasons.  J and I have recently started watching it on Netflix from Season 1.

Missing ::  my aunt, who I probably won’t see until summer (she won’t travel north when the white stuff is on the ground), and my brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  After having so much time with them over the holidays, I feel like I’m going through withdrawl.


Looking forward to ::  The obvious answer here – our wedding in August!!  I cannot wait to be able to call J my husband! I’m also looking forward to warmer weather and the summer.

Wishing ::  for a place of our own.  We are so incredibly thankful for my parents allowing us to stay with them as long as we need, but we are ready to have our own space again.

Drinking ::  a whole lot of tea!  It seems I go through tea like crazy when it’s cold outside.


Feeling ::  pretty darn content in life (minus the whole “wishing” thing).  I have a great job, wonderful family, awesome fiance, and things are moving!

Loving ::  our heated mattress pad and flannel sheets.  It is so nice getting into a warm bed at night in the winter!!

Beginning ::  my journey of becomming a runner.  I used to loathe the idea of having to run, but I am surprisingly starting to love it!


Listening to ::  Enya has been kicking it on my Pandora a bunch lately.  Relaxing and inspirational.

2 thoughts on “Currently :: January Edition

    • Oh Jenna, you really could like it!! I was never…and I mean NEVER one to enjoy running….until about April last year. And now – I wait for the day when it’s nice enough out that I can run outside! I even get a little jealous of those that get to run outside when it gets into the 30’s and I’m stuck working.

      And yes, it should be a common occurrence!

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