Wedding Dreams Start.

dream clouds

I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic.  J had woken me while I was in the middle of a dream, a wedding dream….and they start!

We are currently just over 7 months to our big day.  We aren’t doing the big, grand, huge wedding deal, so we haven’t had to do too much planning just yet.  But this morning, I felt like I was way behind the curve!

You see, in my dream, it was our wedding day, and it wasn’t quite going as planned.  It all went like this…

*dream clouds rustle in*

The family, J and I were putting the finishing touches on the venue (which happened to be a church, not our back yard like we’re planning) when people started showing up.  And not just those for the private ceremony, both people attending the reception afterwards as well-an hour early.  Someone asked me about the music that would be playing for the ceremony.  “I guess I don’t really know what we’re doing for music, I hadn’t planned that.”  Okay, no music, nice.  Shrug shoulders. Dad asks me if I wanted him to walk me down the aisle, just up the stairs, or what I was thinking.  Umm….up the stairs I guess?  Really?  I hadn’t decided this either?  Okay…  And here I am, walking around barefoot already in my dress I’m planning to get married in.

Then Mom looked at her watch, 30 minutes to showtime, time to go downstairs and get ready!  The girls head downstairs, the guys go to their room on the main level to get ready.  As I head down the stairs, there is a huge line for the ladies room.  I have to excuse my way through the line to get back where the dressing area was while saying hi to many of our guests.  Once I’m in front of my mirror, I realize I didn’t finalize on how to wear my hair.  I grab a handful of bobby pins and start pinning my hair up.  None of the bobby pins stay in.  Oh heck, I’ll grab a pony holder and throw it up.  All of a sudden, I hear a piano playing upstairs.  Awesome, we have music!

My girls and I look at each other and get ready to head upstairs for the big entrance.  Mom and Dad head up, then my girls, then me.  My parents take their seats, my girls walk to the front, then I follow.  Once I get up there, I realize J isn’t there.  The minister leans over to tell me that J is still getting ready.  As he says this, I see J and one of his guys run through the hallway behind the seats of our guests, and back again after 30 seconds.  I look down and realize I’m wearing the wrong dress.  What!  How am I not in the right dress??  I was just wearing it before we went downstairs.  I watch one of J’s guys walk swiftly through the hallway again.  Ah, screw it, J isn’t ready yet, I’m changing dresses!

And poof, I’m back in bed with J telling me it was time to get up!


Before I am even completely coherent, I start rambling off a list of things that we have to get done for the wedding.  J looks at me and says, “Shug, we have 7 months, I think we have some time to get everything taken care of.”

And all I could think of was that I wasn’t wearing the right dress…the one thing that I have ready and checked off the list for our big day!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Dreams Start.

  1. YIPES. We just got engaged a couple weeks ago but are planning for a long engagement and maybe spring 2015 at the earliest! We haven’t done anything yet in terms of planning other than buying a few magazines and I’m already tired of everyone asking details about this impending wedding. My first wedding dreams have already happened and they were about arguing where we would get married! Well, I shall be following some of your updates 🙂 Seems there are a few of us in the PF blogosphere that are in the engaged stage!

    • Congrats to you!! I will say (this is my second time around), enjoy your engagement! Take your time in planning, and plan it for you & your fiance, nobody else. After all, it is YOUR day. Don’t get too stressed or caught up in it all. Make sure to plan time for you and your man when wedding planning is not involoved. Enjoy!

      • Thanks!! We would love something simple like a backyard party at a beach house, the tricky thing is our families are from opposite coasts. California and Delaware. Ugh. We’ve already realized we won’t be able to please everybody. Oh well! Good luck with yours!

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