Photography Friday : #1 & #2

Happy Friday!  (Not really my Friday, more like Tuesday…)

I have recently joined Beka over at Sunshine to the Square Inch for a little photography journey.  I decided to join to keep my inspiration going during my Photo-a-Day goal.  As of right now, all of my photos are being taken with my iPhone 4s.  J and I are in the process of saving up for a fancy schmancy DSLR camera, so bear with me.

This was  Week #2 of the challenge, but the first link-up of the journey.  Which means, you get to see two photos this week!  Wahoo!

The theme for Week #1:  Something you are thankful for.  – I am very thankful to have a sewing machine of my own. Sewing is something that I will do to clear my head, or when I need some creativity time after a long day at work.  Her name is Gertrude, Gerdy for short. She came into my life when I was in high school, and we’ve made many beautiful memories together.


And the theme for Week #2:  Eating out or anything food related.  – ah, the sweet nectar of Clementines!  I am currently filling up with Vitamin C to keep the colds away as they make their trip around the office.


Stay tuned for next week’s link-up.  And be sure to hop on over to the link-up to see work by others, you can even join if you’d like!  Enjoy! :o)

6 thoughts on “Photography Friday : #1 & #2

  1. Your iPhone pictures are really great. I love that in the Gerdy picture (love that you named the sewing machine!!!) you can see the vibrant red colors.

    I also like the clementine picture because it makes me want to eat one. The only recommendation I would have is to take a few steps away from the clementine to get a bigger shot with maybe some background items. However, the close up is good too.

    Also, this blog post gave me some big helps with iPHone photography:

    Thanks for linking up with me today.

    • Thanks for stopping over! I tried to go further out on the clementine, but then got too much of what was on the desk and wasn’t such a fan of the composition.

      And thanks for the iPhone tips! I’m on my way to check them out!

  2. I loved that you named your sewing machine! I have been teaching myself off and on about how to use my sewing machine for about two years. I have successfully made pillows and basic tulle skirts. You look a bit more advanced then me!

    • Thank you for stoppin by! I’ve been thinking about doing a post about her…maybe I shall. Way to go on teaching yourself to sew! I’ve been quilting for about 17 years (goodness, that makes me sound old)… 🙂

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