A coffee date


Today I am joining Kiki of In Its Time for a coffee date!  Who doesn’t love a coffee date??  She had Amy of Taking Steps Home join her, and I must say, I am always happy to meet another lady out in blogland.  I have often seen other ladies participating in this thing “The Circle”, and talking about coffee dates, but I hadn’t joined in yet.  Until today…. (and you can join in too!)

: Where are you seated (near the counter, near the window, near the door, against the wall, etc.) :
If I am there alone, I have chosen a seat in front of the fireplace in a comfy cozy chair where I can relax and sip my coffee.  When I meet up with someone, it is a table around the edge, and my chair is the seat against the wall.  I have this thing where I need to see exits, just something we do.  Its always a fight for the seat when I am with my fiance or other friends.


: What are you sipping/munching on? :
I have my two main drinks that switch between.  I am drinking my Caramel Cooler, or a Dark Chocolate Cooler with Peppermint Candies mixed in (that is seriously heaven in a cup!).  If it’s the holidays (and until the peppermints run out), I’m all about the chocolate cooler. Unfortunately they are all out of peppermints at this coffee shop, so a Caramel Cooler it is, with no whip on top, but extra caramel drizzle!

I’m not usually one to get something to munch on, unless I’m on my way out and I have somewhere to be quick. Today I’m just sticking with the coffee.


: What do you want to get off your chest first (can be as deep as you want)? :
I would first check in with you, see how you are doing (the kids, your love of your life, the job, the not-job).  Then I would let you know how happy I am that it is my Friday (I know, not your Friday, but in my world, things are a little different).  I am very ready for the weekend, and I definitely have my list of things to do.  I would also talk to you about a few new adventures coming up; the wedding planning, starting to search to see where J and I want to get a place, and one thing I can’t wait for – my notebook and things to get here so I can put together my Prayer Notebook!  Then I would ask if there was anything you want me to add to my prayer request list.

: If you could choose anyone (besides us of course) who would you have a coffee with? :
I would have a coffee with my mentor who moved to another state recently.  I would catch up with him on how things are going, and get that extra push from him that he always gives me.

I would also be sure to have a coffee with my girl, Dionne.  She left the great state of Minnesota to venture south for a job.  She was my girl in school, my partner in crime, and we got her started in sewing just before she left!  I didn’t get to spend much time with her before she moved since I was out of state for a while training for my new job.  I know she’s doing great work down there, but I miss her dearly!

: What is inspiring you lately? :
That would absolutely be all my blog ladies that have incredible posts that make me think, and go into action on my goals and dreams!  I feel so incredibly lucky to have found many of the blogs that I have, and make connections with so many of the ladies.  Now if only we could all gather in one place and have coffee for real.

Oh, and Pinterest.  That place…oh my, you can find anything there, dream anything there!  I have boards for my wedding (that I am finally now having), the babies that I will someday have, the house that we will someday own, and all of the craft projects and quilts that a girl could make in a lifetime.

: What are you plans after coffee? :
Before we go, we would exchange hugs, and plan to meet again soon.  I never get to see you all enough. Then I’m off to work.  And after work, home to relax, hug my man and cuddle with my kitty!



So go!  Grab your favorite drink, pull up a seat and join us!  Link up or leave a comment, and enjoy!

In Its Time

2 thoughts on “A coffee date

  1. Sounds like a lovely coffee date to me! I love and understand your need to see the exit–I’m the same way with how my bed is located in my room. I HAVE to be able to see the door at all times. 🙂

    Also, I love the idea of a prayer notebook. I prayer-journal and love it but never would have thought to include prayer requests inside of it. I’m going to have to do that, too!

    Oh, and Pinterest and the blog world are THE BEST sources of inspiration. They’re two of the biggest examples of why the internet is awesome (there are also plenty of examples of the opposite, but that’s a story in and of itself). 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us!!!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I loved this link-up and reading about everyone else’s coffee dates! I even stopped on my way to work to pick up a Caramel cooler in honor of the date 🙂

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