Two ships passing by.

There are days that I feel like J and I are just two ships passing in the night.

This semester of his has been a tough one so far, and we are only a couple weeks in. He has some early classes, so there are many nights J is in bed before I even get off of work. It makes for a lonely night coming home to a quiet house.

Have you ever lived in the same house as someone and really missed them? We see each other — when one of us is sleeping. We talk to each other — through text. We knew this would come with the difference in schedules, but I don’t think you can ever completely prepare yourself for it.


4 thoughts on “Two ships passing by.

  1. Yes! Me and Mr Bacon went through this when he first had to work the B shifts, 3pm to 11pm. I’d either stay up and get not enough sleep or go to bed early and never see him since I left for work when he was still sleeping. Luckily he has the day shift mostly now. Hang in there!

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