I’d like to introduce Gertrude.

Good morning all and thank you for stopping by!

I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to someone very dear to me.  Some of you may have briefly seen her.  She is often in pictures that you may see in my posts about quilting or current projects I’m working on.

This is Gertrude.  Gertrude and I met when I was a junior in high school.  I was starting to really get into sewing and quilting, so my mom bought her for me.  I was so excited to have my very own sewing machine!  She is a Singer (and she’s pretty darn good at it, good pitch.  No?  Oh, sorry.  Though her humming is like music to my ears!)

photo 1(4)

Gertrude didn’t start out with a name.  In fact, I didn’t name her until one year when I was in college, I believe it was my sophomore or junior year.  I don’t remember what it was that we were making together, but I remember her tension was off, and she hadn’t been cleaned in a while.  This was causing her to not sew very well, and causing me to get a wee bit angry.  It was then that she got her name.  I tried to think of a name I didn’t like, one that I was not very fond of, something fitting for my feelings of her at that time.  Gertrude.  Gertrude it shall be, Gerdy for short.  Since that day, the name has grown on me, and she has been a wonderful machine since! At least as long as I keep her tension correct, and keep her clean of fuzzies and lint!

photo 3

We have had many, many wonderful hours together, and have made quite an array of projects.  We’ve had some great times, and some tough times.  We’ve moved a few times together.  We’ve found thread she gets along so well with, and some that she doesn’t get along very well with.  She’s that trusty machine that will be mine forever.  I don’t even like using any other machine anymore. Gerdy and I will be lifelong buds!



Are you one who also has a name for their sewing machine?  If so, what is it?

Linking up today with Beka at Sunshine to the Square Inch for Week 3: Music of the weekly photo challenge.

2 thoughts on “I’d like to introduce Gertrude.

  1. What a fun spin you put for ‘music’. I think it’s so great that you sew and I still haven’t pulled out my darn sewing machine…

    Thanks for linking up.

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