A note from Clifford.


Hi.  So this is that place that mom is always talking about, huh?  I don’t get how she talks to people, I’m looking at a screen.  Meh.

I thought I’d come check this blog thing of her’s out while she’s sleeping.  I just got done spending some time with Mr. Bear. I found him a while ago. I guess he was Grandma’s, but then I claimed him as mine. Kind of like I claimed Mom when she saved me from that box I was left in three years ago. That sandwich they left with me wasn’t all that good, but the beer wasn’t so bad.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Mr. Bear. I also shoved another one of my sparkly balls under those doors nobody will let me in. It was the green one this time. Ooo, sparkly.  Sparkly balls and those jingle balls get me every time.  Fetch – let’s do it!  You throw it, I’ll fetch it, then drop the ball a few feet from you to make you get it.  It works every time. You can’t resist them either!  Man, and don’t even get me started on that dreaded red dot. That darn thing – I swear I get it, then it appears again out of nowhere!   If dad is around, I can never seem to get the red dot, but if mom is around – I get it every time.



Mom and dad always tell me I’m weird.  They can never decide who I get this ‘weirdness’ from.  I don’t think I’m all that weird.  I mean I’m a little fuzzier than they are, and I drink from the faucet, but that’s normal right?  I also like to sneak attack people when they walk through the hallway. I’ll hide around a corner or under the couch, then run out and tag them as they go by. I run away so quick after I tag them, I bet they think it’s a ninja.  I also practice my ninja skills by creeping around things and creeping on mom and dad.


Mom says I get my creeping from dad.  I guess?  I don’t know – you tell me.  What do you think?


Oh, oh, oh, the best?  When nobody is around, I like to keep myself busy by figuring out how to open doors. I figured out how to open the pantry doors one day and I found a bag of my food in there.  Don’t worry, I ate about half of the food in the bag, along with a hefty amount of the bag itself. I also found this bag of these white and colored papery things. I always seem mom and dad wipe their faces and hands with them when they eat. Well, I decided to chew a few into shredded pieces, then carried the bag of the rest of the papery things downstairs and left them on mom and dad’s bed.  I left them as a gift, but for some reason mom and dad didn’t seem to happy about that.

Well, I gotta cut this short, I just heard mom get out of bed.

Peace out, screen.



4 thoughts on “A note from Clifford.

    • Lol, he may just make a few other appearances here. I know, those creeper pics are hilarious, right?! He’s just started really doing that in the last year. It’s funny when you look up, and he’s just creeping on you from behind something.

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