An everyday thing up here.

I must say, watching all of the news coverage in the southern states with locked up traffic because of the weather…that is an everyday occurence for us in the winter.

Oh, it snowed last night?  Dusting or more?  Oh, like 6 inches?  Plan to leave for work at least 2 hours early.  And make sure you have a shovel in your car, or a neighbor out snow-blowing to help you out of your culdesac or alley when you get stuck because the plow hasn’t gotten to you street yet.

I say to all of you out there who are excited because some snow fell for you – you are more than welcome to come up here to the north to enjoy the abundance.  Heck, you can even take some home with you.  And by some, I mean truck loads.  Please.  We’re done with it.

The commute today?  An hour and a half.  And that wasn’t even at rush hour.  That is 3 times my usual commute on a good day.  A few co-workers who were in morning rush-hour said they left two and a half hours early, and made it just on time.  Ooofta.  Makes me glad I don’t always have to drive in rush hour!

One of my girlfriends who went south for a job told me earlier this winter how the city went around in panic when they got an inch or so of snow.  She was shaking her head.

On Facebook, there’s a picture of a highway lined with plows and the cars behind them while it was snowing.  The phrase on it is something to the effect of “Most places would call this a crippling snowstorm.  In Minnesota we call it Thursday.”  Yep, that’s basically it.

We’re tough, maybe crazy, but even 7 to 10 inches doesn’t keep us down.  We’ve got thick skin, or just a whole lot of layers.  Just an interesting difference between the north and south.


2 thoughts on “An everyday thing up here.

  1. Here in Southern California we have to go looking for the snow. Literally, Andy and I have taken about a 45 minute drive more than I can count just so we can jump in the tiniest bit of “snow” aka ice. SOOOOO, even though I’m slightly jealous of your winter wonderland both in the North & South, I’m feeling REAL thankful that we don’t deal with that here! Keep safe! AND WARM!

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