Run ‘n Fun


Well golly gee, Sally.  It looks like I’ve become a runner!

I remember back when I used to say that I hated running, I would never be a runner.  And here we are.  My, how the tides have turned.  I started running this past year knowing that I needed to get times down in case I was tested for work.  I began training, and what do you know…I like it!

I’m at the point now that if I go too many days without a run, my body starts to yearn for it.  Weird?  Maybe, yes.  But I like it!

Monday, I had one of the best runs that I have ever had.  I set the treadmill to random (hills), set it for 40 minutes (also longest I’ve been on a treadmill), and went.  I will say, there are a couple times I did a short power walk, but I also threw a few sprints in there too.  And I liked it!


I knocked off 3.10 miles in 45 minutes.  That puts me at about a 14:30 min/mile, but I wasn’t going for speed, so I’m okay with that.  Plus, I figure I’m working my way to becoming a runner.  And I looked at that amount of miles I ran – hey, that’s close to a 5k, maybe I’m not that far from running one as I thought!  Now I really can’t wait for the weather to get nice so I can go for some runs outside.


So a new goal for 2014, participate in a 5k.  I now see I can actually do it!!

What has surprised you in your workouts lately?

4 thoughts on “Run ‘n Fun

  1. thats awesome! I’d love to be able to run. I used to try to do a couple miles at night bc it wasnt so hot but I ended up with knee problems and that was the end of that. =\

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