Bit of an off week.

I must first apologize for the blog being a bit quiet this week.  I have had training at work which has brought me to an odd schedule of night shift hours – which I am not used to.  It’s been to the point that if you asked me what day it was, I’m not sure I’d be able to tell you.  Plus, I saw this bright thing in the sky today, all shiny and stuff.  I felt like I was being blinded by the light, glad I don’t have to wear my sunglasses at night (apparently writing in song today).

While training, there was also an injury…bum bum bum.  Oh, happy wrist isn’t so happy anymore.

For those who have been with me for a while, you may remember about a year ago when I shared with you a first for me – my first cast ever.  It all stemmed from a fall on the ice at work, the dreaded thing that happens all too often up here in the frigid north.

And the worst part, it’s my dominate hand.  So the last few days has been full of relearning to do things with my left hand.  It’s more difficult than you would think.  The most difficult thing has been brushing my hair of all things.  Really?  But how often do you switch hands.  Me?  Pretty much only when I have to…like now.

The hand is still a bit of a balloon. which shows something is going on in there.  My ring won’t even fit yet, womp womp.  Sad face.


I went to the doc yesterday to get it checked.  Nothing showed on the x-ray (yay), but that means an MRI is the next step (boo).  But the MRI can’t be scheduled until the Worker’s Comp paperwork is processed and accepted (double boo).  So light-duty and waiting it is.  Hopefully an MRI will be scheduled early next week.  Until then, my life will be full of ice, Advil, and living as a lefty.

You know what makes up for it all though?  This little guy by my side when he knows momma is in pain.


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