Artist Guild Link-up: A Poem

Today, I am linking-up Samantha at Elah Tree as part of The Artist Guild.  She has put together creative prompts for others to join in and create together.  There is everything on the list from writing a poem to painting a canvas, doing a photo shoot to recording a vlog.  The link-up is every second Thursday through September.

I jumped on this, because I have creativity in me that doesn’t always have a chance to get out with my current job.  And with having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the creativity must have a chance to excape!  Now, I haven’t written a poem in a while, so bear with me.  This is one that I recently wrote, and I think it came together nicely.

…We are of a different breed.

We run in as everyone else runs out.
We see more in our career than most see in a lifetime.
We put on 20 or more pounds every day at work.
…We are of a different breed.

We joke about things that make others cringe.
We try to keep traditions alive.
We train to fight, and fight to train.
…We are of a different breed.

We miss some of the most important events.
We often don’t get off work on time.
We work day and night, 24/7/365.
…We are of a different breed.

We are called names, but help when you call.
We don’t get snowdays from work.
We work outside in the blazing heat.
…We are of a different breed.

We cry real tears when a brother or sister leaves.
We walk the beat in Heaven when no longer on this Earth.
We lay our life down for our friends.
…We are of a different breed.

We have brothers and sister around the world.
We bleed not red, but blue.
We do our best to keep the wolves away.
…We are of a different breed.

Be sure to check out the other poems submitted today.  And heck, take a moment to submit your own as wel!

4 thoughts on “Artist Guild Link-up: A Poem

  1. Katy! I’m so glad you joined the Artist Guild and wrote a poem! Putting that Fine Arts Degree to use! Nice! You’re poem at such great rhythm. I’m impressed with it’s length. Whenever I wrote poems, I sometimes wonder if I’m doing it wrong. Luckily, there is always the option to freestyle!

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