Five Great Dates on a Budget {Winter Edition}

imageAs everyone knows, date nights are needed for couples to keep their connection strong and the spark alive. Date nights do not have to be big events or expensive nights.   If you are like J and I, you are probably trying to decide what your next date night is going to be.  We don’t get to do them as much as we would like to, and always feel a wee bit challenged to find activities that are budget-friendly.

Here are five budget-friendly date ideas for the winter:

  1. Go tubing at the local ski or sledding hill.  Don’t forget to cuddle near the bonfire with your cup of hot chocolate.
  2. Head to the mall for a bit of window shopping.  Chat about your dream house and how you would decorate it. Or an outfit you would pick out for a night on the town.
  3. Find a course and play a round of mini golf.  Some places even have galactic mini golf, how fun!
  4. Put out a blanket and have a picnic in front of the fire, whether it be in the fireplace or on tv.
  5. Head to the local art museum.  Many museums offer free admission days, or request a small donation for entry.

What is one of your favorite budget-friendly winter dates?

2 thoughts on “Five Great Dates on a Budget {Winter Edition}

  1. these are great!!! I love the museum one! also local plays and productions! schools are always doing plays and musicals – they are pretty cheap and the money goes to the school anyways and they are pretty fun!

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