Photography Week 7: Pet or Nature

Here we are to Week 7 with Beka at Sunshine to the Square Inch and the Photo a Week Challenge!  This week the topic was Pets or Nature.

Naturally, I chose to photograph my little gray kitty, Clifford.  I had thought of something nature related, but all it is outside is snowy white and gray gloominess.  And frankly, I’m pretty tired of it.  So Cliffy it was.


I know this picture didn’t turn out exactly fabulous, but it is the only one of the 30 or so I took that he wasn’t a gray blurr. I tell you, he hasn’t yet learned to sit still. I love how his coat looks in this photo. It is a beautiful shimmering silver gray that takes on colors of the environment around him depending on the lighting.

Clifford came into my life almost 3 years ago at the place I was working at the time.  I got a call of an abandoned kitten left in a box in a church parking lot.  I arrived and searched the parking lot, and found him in the southeast corner.  This little ball of gray fluff was shaking in a Miller light box with a half can of beer and a half a sandwich.  His mew was so tiny and cute.  I grabbed the box with him cowered in the back, placed it in my truck, and made the drive to the vet clinic we took the strays too.  That little bugger captured my heart immediately.  I visited him each day I worked, and eventually named him.  He fell in love with my bracelet, but wouldn’t let me hold him.  He finally began to warm up to me after about a week.  That’s when he claimed me.  I met J there after my shift one day, and Cliffy instantly claimed him too.  Okay kitty, we shall be your humans.

He is such a social cat, always has to be around whenever anyone is home.  He’s mischievous and has figured out to open almost any door in the house.  He’s cuddly {on his time}, and still has such a playful side.  He is our crazy, cooky toddler.



Head on over and link up with Beka and your photo of a furry friend or nature.

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