I’m the kinda girl who…{link-up}

I’m hooking up with Holly over at Hey, Hollywood for a little link-up fun!  I know I’m a few days late, but hey – that’s how it goes sometimes.

I’m the kinda girl who…..

….. doesn’t know how to do any fancy – read: cute – styles with her hair.  It’s pony or down.

….. dances to the music in her head, no matter where she may be.

….. must take at least one silly picture for each “normal photograph”.

….. is head over heels for her little niece.

….. can’t sleep in total silence, music is always playing in the background.

….. rarely wears make-up.

….. cannot, I said cannot, go to bed before 11pm.

….. is trying to wean off of an umpteen year addiction to Dr. Pepper.

….. can eat popcorn every single day.

….. hangs out with the boys more than the girls.

….. swears a bit much.

….. gets distracted by her shiny ring when the light hits it.

What kind of girl are you?

2 thoughts on “I’m the kinda girl who…{link-up}

  1. I love this post idea! I also cannot fall asleep in silence…I think I’d go crazy. I usually end up “watching” (listening) to 30 Rock as I go to sleep. I also swear like a sailor, so you’re in good company :]

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