Wedding Wednesday: On Friday

Since J and I are having a relatively small wedding and aren’t getting too caught up in the details, we haven’t been stressing too much about our upcoming day.  Match that with the fact that we have just under 6 months, that’s plenty of time to get things going.  I’ve written a little bit about our plans and such so far, so head on over here if you want to catch up on those posts!

This past weekend, we took some time and crossed a few more things off the list!  I can honestly say, until these were crossed off….I was getting just a slight, tad bit of anxiety.


J did his search online for a kilt made of his family tartan.  Yes, ladies and gents, he will be wearing a kilt!  Awesome!  He was worried at the begining that I wouldn’t ‘let’ him.  Honest, it doesn’t matter to me.  I say if he wants to, more power to him!  Go for it!  And how awesome that he was able to find the tartan worn by his family clan.  Nice!  The kilt has been ordered – check!

The next thing <almost> all checked off were invitations.  We narrowed down the design and wording (we are doing two different invites – one for the private ceremony, and one for the open house afterwards).  We are just waiting to finalize the time with our officiant before putting the order in.  They’re so dang cute!  We were going to just purchase a design download and print them ourselves, but we decided to cut the stress out.  So we budgeted to order them completely done.  Less stress?  Yes please!  I designed, printed and assembled all invitations and programs for my first wedding – I don’t want that stress again.  I’m too much of a perfectionist.  Anywho, the invitations are an adorable chalkboard design over at Elli.  I can’t wait to get them and hold them, ha!

And last, but not least, the third item was checked off last night!  Since the open house will be mid-afternoon, and we aren’t doing a full-on reception, we had to decide what to do for drinks.  J and I have always wanted to brew beer and wine, so we figured – why not??  A piece that will be special just to our day!  So off we went to a local brewery to start our wine.  We’ll be heading back in six-weeks to bottle it, them let it sit until our big day.  Then back again in July or so to start the beer process.  And the coolest part??  We even get to make our own labels!  Awesome-sauce!


Now to heal this wrist up so I can get going on a few of my projects from my list!

I’m linking up over with Nancy!

Love Always Nancy J

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: On Friday

  1. I love love love the idea of making your own labels for beer and wine! Maybe Josh and I can do that for an anniversary brew or something! I will be praying this evening for you and your soon to be hubby. You’re handling wedding stress like a champ!

  2. Yay Wedding Wednesday! Our planning got put on hold while we’re moving and my new work situation has me stressed like no other. Soon it’ll resume…i feel like we need to make some sort of progress since we may not have it for another year…

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