Monthly Wishes :: March


Hello March!  Already?  You would guess so if you looked outside, but you would be soon informed if you stepped in our house that it was March.  In fact, J’s birthday month!  His birthday isn’t until the 30th, but he has declared the month as his (saying he’ll share it with Grandma, Mom and our sister-in-law who are also all March birthdays). 

Along with the declaration of a new month, I’m jumping onboard with my Monthly Wishes list!  It’s been a while since I’ve done these, but not better time than the present.  So off we go!

• March Wishes •

→  Finish getting everything together for taxes and press submit!

→  Set 15 minutes aside each day for quiet time.

→  Celebrate J’s month with him!  And plan a little something for his birthday on the 30th.

→  Finalize time, order invites, and start projects for the wedding.

→  Stay under budget and throw everything left at debt!

What are your monthly/weekly goals?

3 thoughts on “Monthly Wishes :: March

  1. I love love love that you refer to your hubster to be as J, I do as well, sometimes on the blog, mostly in real life. Boo debt, we are in the same boat and trying to wrangle that in!

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