First project crossed off!

The first project from the wedding ‘Must Make’ list is complete! The monogram wreath that will be hanging at the front door has been checked off.

I was in an immense need to craft since the injury of my wrist last month.  After sewing every other day or so had gone down to nothing, the need was kicking.  Plus, it just so happened J had to go to JoAnn’s to pick up some paints for his sculpture project.   While there, I bee-lined for the paper mâché letters. A big F?  Yes please!  Then it was off to find the twine and ribbon. I knew I had plenty of felt at home for the felt flowers. Plus, I had J there as a captive audience to get his input. He has been such a great help with giving his input on things for the wedding, he’s awesome!

I was so jazzed to get started as soon as we got home! Everything came out of the bags. We decided on our color of ribbon and felt. Then I got to work.  I also had a little helper who was ready to get the twine.



I didn’t have the project all mapped out. I just knew kind of what I wanted it to look like, so off I went. Plus, I’m a wing-it gal, so there you have it. I wrapped, and glued, and wrapped some more. Then I cut felt, swirled flowers and glued a bit more. I added the ribbon, then three pearls to finish it off.




And viola! It turned out even better than I thought!


Now to figure out the next thing to cross off!

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