Things you won’t see in posts on my blog…


a)  GIFs.
I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t really like them, so you probably won’t ever see one on this lil’ ‘ol blog of mine.

b)  Nail polish.
I think the last bottle of nail polish I actually bought was a couple years ago.  And it wasn’t even colored polish.  It was that clear nail polish that helps strengthen you nails.

c)  Fancy schmance hair do’s.
I have never been able to do fancy schmance fun stuff with my hair.  I can curl it, put it in a ponytail or pin it half up.  Waterfall braids, teasing, or other styles I don’t even know the name of?  You won’t see that here.

d)  Salads.
I don’t eat salads lettuce.  I’ll eat some of the salad toppings, but that’s about it.  I have tried lettuce, but just can’t do it.  Ick.  If a salad comes with my meal, it is usually passed to J or another family member.

e)  Politics.
Again, I may be the only one in the world, but I don’t see a need to discuss my political beliefs in an open forum such as my blog.

If you have a blog, what are some things that won’t show up in your posts?

8 thoughts on “Things you won’t see in posts on my blog…

  1. Great post idea! I’m not sure what I will never do…other than…I don’t feel pressure to include pictures. I’m slowly adding more, but sometimes you just gotta type it out and post it. no time for finding the “perfect picture”

    • I’m right there with you on the pictures. Sometimes I have a hard time even finding the “right” picture. Plus, I rarely post pictures that I haven’t taken myself.

  2. I’m with you on the fashon-y stuff and politics. I post lots of pics, but I take lots of pics. I probably won’t post a lot about me, personally, on my blog. I don’t think people come to get to know me since my blog is about my hens. I often wonder if I should post about myself sometimes, though.
    I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Yay for no GIF’s! 🙂

    I find it really distracting and annoying when I’m trying to read a blog article and there is a GIF(S) in it. If I can I’ll scroll until I can’t see the image and continue reading but sometimes that’s just not possible and I usually just leave the page.

    I thought I was the only one who found them annoying since there are in a lot of blog articles!

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