Artist Guild Link-up: Paint a Canvas

Today, I am linking-up Samantha at Elah Tree as part of The Artist Guild.  She has put together creative prompts for others to join in, create together, and become and artist community.  There is everything on the list from writing a poem to painting a canvas, doing a photo shoot to recording a vlog.  The link-up is every second Thursday through September.

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I was so very, very excited for the Artist Guild Link-up this month!  If you’ve been around a while, you know my first round of college was for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  During this time, I also did a study abroad program over the summer of 2006 in London and Scotland for none other than a painting program.  It was incredible!  To explore the cities across the pond and paint while receiving credit – I’ll take it!  So as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to join this group when I saw that painting was a part of it.

For this painting, I didn’t have a design in mind, I wasn’t even sure what colors I would include.  I got the canvas, brushes, and paints out, and just started mixing.  I found some acrylic paints that had been stored in my art supplies bin for years (oofta, almost 10 years or so), and to my surprise, they weren’t all dried up.  I cracked those bottles open, and it was like I had just bought them yesterday.  I wasn’t sure where my paint tray was – probably buried in another box – so I grabbed a lid to a plastic bin.


I then started mixing the paints until I got a couple of colors I likes, and off I went.  I knew I wanted to start with a green wash, then just winged-it from there.


I added layer upon layer, color upon color, and ended in an overall wash of a deep purple.



Here is the finished piece!  I must say, I’m rather please with how it turned out!  It reminds me a bit of a Scottish tartan pattern.  J said it reminds him of his military days when he would be prone in a field training, down in the grass with flowers and weeds popping up around him.  Whatever it resembles, I must say, I like it!


Be sure to stop on over and check out the other paintings done!

8 thoughts on “Artist Guild Link-up: Paint a Canvas

  1. I can not believe your paint lasted that long! I am a messy painter so my paint usually crusts over (delicious imagery I know) in about a week! I love your painting and had no idea you were a fine arts major!! What an awesome experience to get to travel to London and Scotland!

    • It was definitely a trip of a lifetime! I’ll have to do a little post about it maybe, whenever I can dig some of my art out from the trip again.

    • Thank you dear!! After taking painting in college and habing it drilled in us how to mix, we got good at it. I remember one teacher giving us a photo with different colors and we had to mix to match the colors.

  2. This is so great! I love it! My favorite part of this link-up is being able to see everyone’s work! I love that you just went for it! That is so amazing that you got to paint in London and Scotland! Have you shared your paintings from that experience before?

    • Thank you! And thank you for doing this link-up, I love seeing everyone’s work! I haven’t shared my work from that trip on here yet, I was just thinking I may need to dig it out and get a post together for it.

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