Saturday Savings Tally – Round 20


Happy Saturday!  Another big week!  I love, Love, LOVE finding things on sale!

So here we are, savings this week – even the pennies here and there count:

  • $0.10 – reusable cup & trivia at Caribou
  • $109. 34– coupons, sales & gift cards
  • $0.07 – found money while out and about

Total Savings:  $109.51
Total Savings in 2014: $563.01

Every little bit helps!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Savings Tally – Round 20

  1. Katy, I love this idea of writing down exactly what you saved each month! What a great way to keep motivated. I laughed that you put down the money you find on the street, my mom would love this part. She takes walks to their local high school and walks around the parking lot after school. She has found cell phones, checks ids (all of which she turns into the office) but she also finds change. At the beginning of each year she starts a new jar of change she finds and at the end of the year she and my dad go out to dinner with the money. It sounds silly but she loves to save!!

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