13 Things I Love About Myself


All too often, negative self-talk is heard from too many people these days. I know I am guilty of it just as much as the next person.  Whether it be something I’m not good at, something I would change about myself, or some bad habit I have that I need to give up.  Maybe it’s something I want to be good at, but just don’t have the skills for like that person over there.  You also hear it when a compliment is given.

You did a great job on that project.
I didn’t get to finish it like I wanted to.

This meal is delicious.
No, it doesn’t taste like I thought it should.

That dress looks great on you.
Really?  I think it makes my hips look big.

↑ – I’m totally guilty of that one.

It breaks my heart when you start to see children talking like this.  You may not think they pay attention to what you’re saying, but when they comment about how their legs look fat, or whatever the negative talk may be, you know that something must change.

To help combat the negative self-talk and help to try and break they cycle, I figure why flip to a little positive self-talk.

13 Things I Love About Myself  (Linking up here with Avoiding Atrophy)

1.  I am an artsy gal.  I make a mean quilt, and love giving a handmade gift over a purchased gift anyday.

2.  I am totally goofy, and not afraid to be.  I will laugh at myself in a heart beat!

3. I am low maintanance.  I don’t spend hours doing my hair or perfecting my make-up on the daily (make-up?  what’s that?)

4.  I have no problem standing up for myself or others.

5.  I have some pretty awesome eyes.  They’re actually kind of amazing, and have perty little sunbursts in the middle.

6.  I left a marriage that was not good for me, and finally decided to make decisions that were best for me.

7.  I am an optimist through and through.

8.  I have a fierce love for my family and would do absolutely anything for them.

9.  I can kick it with the guys one minute, and hang out with the gals the next.

10.  When I set my mind to something, I follow through.

11.  I have become more patient than I give myself credit for.

12.  I do my best to give new life to old things.  Antiques have a special place in my heart, and a story to tell.

13.  I make some pretty great faces.

I was working to make a list of ten, and then just kept right on a-going.  It was a bit tough at first, but then I got on a roll.  Ladies and gents, if you aren’t your own best friend, how can you expect others to be?  Love yourself!  Self-positive-talk the crap out of yourselves!  You deserve it!

Now, go make your list.  Post it somewhere you can look at it every day!  And know that you’re awesome!  (And don’t forget to link-up with Avoiding Atrophy.)

10 thoughts on “13 Things I Love About Myself

    • That is so very true! We need to be our best friend, which means we don’t deserve to be talked to that way (even by ourselves). Plus, I wouldn’t let people say some of the things to me that I’ev said to myself, so why is it okay I say it? Makes you think.

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