Dreaming of sun, sand, and surf!

I look outside right now, and just when we thing spring is coming, more white stuff arrives. It’s gray, it’s gloomy, and the streets are beginning to be covered once again.  Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you – March Madness has more than one meaning in Minnesota.  Not only are basketball tournaments  going on, it is also typical that we get a wonderful winter storm that week.  (oh, did you sense some sarcasm there?  Yes, yes you did.)


But today has a beautiful tone to it!  During the moment when the flakes started to fly, I received an email that my vacation request for the week J and I want to go on our honeymoon has been approved!  Granted, I will be dreaming of sun, sand, and surf until October, but it’s finally going to happen!!  We have been working to try and get a week picked for about a month now.




We now get to finally book the trip with our dates solidified!  That is definitely something that has just brightened this gray, gloomy day!

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Are you dreaming of sun, sand, and surf too?

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of sun, sand, and surf!

  1. Excellent! That’s something fun to look forward to. The sun is shining for me today, and I’m about to go outside and see what the temperature is like!

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