Currently :: March Edition

Today is the first day of Spring (and the birds must know, because they are singing away out there)!  Which can only mean one thing…more than half-way through March and another edition of “Currently”.


Reading :: I am still working on “The Five Love Languages.”  J and I have taken the quiz on the website to see what our love languages are while I am still trying to finish the book.

Eating :: pears.  Goodness gracious, I love me some fresh pears.  They are delicious!

Watching :: There have been a lot of History Channel documentaries lately.

Missing :: Dad, he hasn’t been able to be home for 6 weeks so far.  The weather and issues at work have been a bear.  Maybe next weekend?

Looking forward to :: Marrying my bestest friend!  5 months and 3 days left and I can finally call him my husband!


Wishing :: my wrist would just be pain-free.  A cortisone shot was done the first week of March, and oh my-was that horrible.  To top it off, the pain and swelling didn’t go away.

Drinking :: Caffiene, lots of it.  I’ve been drinking too much of it lately.  Time to reduce.


Feeling :: The need to sew.  I haven’t done any sewing in almost 2 months, oofta!

Loving :: that my kitty senses when momma isn’t feeling well and stays near.  And the fact that he has been sleeping with us on the bed again lately.  I’m weird, I know.


Beginning :: my 40 days with Jesus devotional journal from the Naptime Diaries Shop.  I know most people did them for lent, I just lag behind a bit at times.


Listening to :: Celtic music.  A bit of a residual of St. Patty’s Day.

What have you been up to lately?

5 thoughts on “Currently :: March Edition

  1. Isn’t it amazing how animals just KNOW stuff like that?! Enjoy the this time before the wedding, it goes by way to fast! And I’ve been doing a daily devotional for Lent & loving it! I’d like to find another plan when this one is over.

    • Cliffy has definitely been one of the most in-tune animals I have had yet, he just knows when momma needs a little comfort. And the wedding is definitely coming soon! But, we can’t wait! Heck, we’d get married tomorrow it we could!

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